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    Frequently asked Questions

    You can rent as many items as possible. Before submitting your request, click on the "add item" button to rent more items.
    We have a flexible cancelation policy. Customers can cancel their request 24 hours before the date of delivery and they will get their full refunds If cancelation is done lesser than 24 hours, customers will be charged 30% of the original fee earlier paid.
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    What People Are Saying

    • rent review

      To be honest, I didn't think too much of the platform when I listed my vehicles, but the income from rentals has become a major source of income for me

      Nelson A
      Rental Review
    • rent review

      I make almost the same amount renting out things as much as I make in my day job.

      Tola B
      Rental Review
    • rent review

      Realised I could make more money renting out things than actually selling them. I still sell but renting is way more profitable.

      Cynthia O
      Rental Review
    • rent review

      All I had to do was list items I should have thrown away. I've made making cool money from them.

      Hassan M
      Rental Review
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      Renting on Rentit doesn’t just help you earn money. You’re also contributing to a circular economy, making better use of resources and helping to protect this wonderful planet we live on.

      Rentit: Nigeria’s largest item and equipment rental platform

      Rentit.ng is your trusted platform for all your rental needs. We are your go-to website for almost all your rental needs. You would be amazed at how many things you can rent on our website. You can rent luxury vehicles such as Range Rovers, Mercedes Benz, Limos, Toyota SUVs, Coaster Buses and Hiace buses, trucks and vans for moving things, generators, air conditioners, party items, wedding gowns, suits, construction equipment, cleaning equipment and tech products such as cameras, projectors, screens and drones.

      Why Rent from us?

      You can be sure you are getting the items in great condition. Our delivery partners deliver promptly. We provide you with great alternatives to buying especially when it isn’t an item you would be using that often.