Frequently asked Questions

You can rent as many items as possible. Before submitting your request, click on the "add item" button to rent more items.
Apart from providing necessary information like your name, address, phone number, email, details of the item(s) you are renting, you are required to upload a passport photograph of yourself and your means of identification.
We have a flexible cancelation policy. Customers can cancel their request 24 hours before the date of delivery and they will get their full refunds If cancelation is done lesser than 24 hours, customers will be charged 30% of the original fee earlier paid.
Yes, customers are allowed to change their request. However, change in request must be made 24 hours before date of delivery. If request for change is done lesser than 24 hours, it will attract a fee of 20% of the original fee earlier paid.
You can rent an item for as long as one month. Customers will have to click on the "long term" option in order to rent an item for duration longer than one month
Upon renting an item, a message will be sent to you to notify you when the item should be returned. If customer defaults in returning an item, they will be charged an extra 40% of the original fee earlier paid for each day they default.
You do not need to clean an item before returning them. However, for fashion items, if there's a spill or a stain, customers are expected to dry clean them before returning them.
Customers can inspect the item they want to rent before making financial commitment. However, customers will have to request for inspection so that an inspection date can be scheduled.
Yes, Rentit dry cleans all its fashion items before renting them out.
No, Rentit provides a driver for its customers.