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Rent out cars, fashion items, tech gadgets, musical instruments and much more

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The Rentit Guarantee
There are two things we think are important to you. Your personal safety and the safety of your items. Every borrower's identity is verified before being allowed to borrow on the platform and items you lend out are fully insured by the platform.

What People Are Saying

  • rent review

    To be honest, I didn't think too much of the platform when I listed my vehicles, but the income from rentals has become a major source of income for me

    Nelson A
    Rental Review
  • rent review

    I make almost the same amount renting out things as much as I make in my day job.

    Tola B
    Rental Review
  • rent review

    Realised I could make more money renting out things than actually selling them. I still sell but renting is way more profitable.

    Cynthia O
    Rental Review
  • rent review

    All I had to do was list items I should have thrown away. I've made making cool money from them.

    Hassan M
    Rental Review
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    Renting your items on this platform goes beyond you making money. You are contributing to reducing carbon footprints and making the earth more sustainable.
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